Welcome to Bad Girl Brunch, where we celebrate women entrepreneurs, creatives, and all the fierce bad girls out there! This fashion-themed event invites you to enjoy great music, captivating performances, delicious brunch, and bottomless mimosas while networking and promoting your business, art, or service.

Bad Girl Brunch embodies the mentality of being bold and unapologetic. We're here to support and showcase the women entrepreneurs and business owners of Cincinnati, while strengthening the city's entertainment industry through their collaboration. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines empowerment and the true essence of being a bad girl.

Come, embrace your inner bad girl, and make Bad Girl Brunch a celebration of women's achievements and a catalyst for success within Cincinnati's community.



Welcome to the Bad Girl Brunch Playlist, a collection of empowering tunes that celebrate bold and impactful women. Curated with care, this playlist sets the mood for our event, inspiring confidence and self-expression. Whether you need a boost of motivation or want to immerse yourself in empowering music, let these anthems fuel your passion and remind you of your incredible strength. Get ready to be inspired and embrace the empowering vibes of the Bad Girl Brunch Playlist. Enjoy the journey and let the music empower you to be the baddest version of yourself.





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