Inspired by community, and music FREEWHEELER LLC provides customers with events and fashion in a uniquely acute style through a spectrum of platforms, to promote equality, confidence, and selflessness.
FWHLR hosts custom events with the goal of providing customers with an exotic experience uncommon by current standards. We collaborate with local artists, creators and businesses with the goal of building a community that grows together.
Through our fashion events and FWHLR.COM, we provide our most recent collection for a limited time as well as garments created in collaboration with local artist. Our goal is to not add to the over saturated clothing market, which allows Ryan Repasky (Designer) and Katelyn Turner (Seamstress) to focus on creating garments that fits FWHLR'S unique style.
We also work with local artist and graphic designers who wish to display their work on apparel, creating opportunities for local artist and businesses to grow as a community. 
For more information on the products and services we provide please contact us at Freewheeler89@gmail.com