Who We Are

FREEWHEELER LLC is a athletic clothing brand based in Cincinnati OH providing clothing that is much more than just a logo, but embodies the overall ideal of "power."  Our logo, a crown, represents many different aspects of life and unifies them in a way that is cohesive and modern.  This brand is for those in their generation who dare to feel power, and dare to embody the FREEWHEELER vision of being fashionably forward, supporting the arts, and using power in a positive way. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to collaborate with Cincinnati artists, local businesses, and youth, giving a platform for individuals to be heard, seen, and for art to flourish. Because of our local nature and motivation for collaboration, FREEWHEELER will be a clothing brand in which not only Cincinnati can take pride in, but all those supporting the cause. FREEWHEELER seeks to provide fashionable pieces that follow runway, street style, and athletic trends in a current yet subtle way.

The Meaning Behind the Crown

Everything we do is carefully considered and everything we create has a meaning.  Our logo, the crown, combines contrasting elements that work together to create a piece of art.  The top of the crown uses past elements of traditional royalty while the bottom is contemporary and "street." Power comes in many forms, whether you were King Henry, or a graffiti artist.  Rich or poor, past or present and precise or relaxed.  No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do, you are FREEWHEELER. 

Questions or feedback? Please reach out to us at freewheeler89@gmail.com

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