FWHLR Denim Collection (2018)

For this year's Denim Collection, we decided to amplify the pieces and looks by thinking outside the box. We deconstructed, reconstructed, frayed, ripped, and added gold and silver elements to give it that over the top feel!
One of the most challenging pieces we did was a jean that was frayed down each side of the leg. After giving the drawing to Katelyn (Seamstress) she had to take the denim apart, separate the front from the back, resew them back together to get a skinner leg. The excess fabric on the sides was left for me to fray out ...thread by thread. All in all, they came out great!
Because FWHLR is inspired and works so closely with music and recording artists, we decided we wanted our denim to reflect that this year. The collection was largely inspired by music videos and that laid back Cali vibe. My favorite piece from the collection was a frayed denim skirt with the sides cut out (last look on the right) paired with a FWHLR blouse from our 2018 Resort Collection (which will be showcased in our FWHLR Fashion Night: The ESCAPE on June 9th). The skirt was actually inspired by a similar one that Rihanna work in her "Work" music video ft. Drake. 
Denim will always be a staple for FWHLR, especially destroyed denim. This years collection came together nicely, and just in time for the MZCincinnati event earlier this year. A huge "thank you" to all the models that sacrificed their time to make this a success, to MUA's Elizabeth Parnell and Emily Parnell, and to Alethia for allowing us to showcase the collection at her event!

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